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Adelle Stewart – An inward journey to TRANSFORMING Cancer, from tragedy to triumph.

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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with Adelle Stewart, Author of “Nowhere to go but down” a memoir. A story of tragedy to triumph. She describes the reinvention of herself and her beliefs after being diagnosed with Cervical Cancer at 37. 

Adelle thought she had conquered the summit, she was successful in the world as we know it.  She had put the trauma when she was very young, and then marital abuse when she was older, on hold…when she received her cancer diagnosis. 

She describes her journey through it all, navigating diet, treatment, and most of all her thoughts. Coming to the empowering conclusion that healing is 20 percent physical and 80 percent mental. “She shows us not only how to survive life’s curveballs but how to thrive and transform tragedy into gratitude and self-empowerment.  A story of beauty and triumph! Let’s spiral up with Adelle! <3

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Memoir: Nowhere But Down – available on Amazon

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