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After the Pain of Narcissistic Abuse, Let’s talk Healing and Recovery with Quinn of Assc Group. Hosted by Queenie. EP18

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If you are listening to this, then you have likely discovered that you are likely in or have been in an unhealthy connection or relationship. Maybe you have left that relationship or you are trying too. Sometimes the road ahead, after being “entangled” with a Narcissistic Personality trait, can be so daunting. Fret not, we are here to help you.

Recovery is not a linear pathway for any of us. You’ll take steps forward and backwards. You’ll even question and blame yourself. You could fall flat on your face. Remember, you have been undermined and invalidated in your closest relationships. Don’t beat yourself up too bad because the journey may be long and arduous and failure plus repair is part of the process. But keep moving forward!

Tune in while Quinn and Queenie share tidbits of their personal experiences while also offering insight, encouragement, support and great advice for your healing journey.

*Learn more about Quinn on IG@AgrpNetwork and on YouTube at ASSCDIRECT*

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