Amy Camie – The Healing Power of Music, resonance and loving life – all of it, A walk with Cancer and Consciousness.

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Amy Camie shares her incredible experience of first feeling the fire within her when she became aware that music could help support the healing process. Over time she realized that it was resonance, and signaling, that happens uniquely for everyone bringing them into harmony,  Not only did she learn to allow the music to flow through her, from that place where we are all connected, but she saw that the body can become tuned, each piece contributing to the whole and becoming a beautiful orchestra, playing in harmony. She has presented hundreds of seminars on the power of music, resonance, and conscious self-care and has several pilot studies showing how her CD “The Magic Mirror” supports brainwave and immune system function. Amy also became aware that we all carry subconscious patterns within us that affect our choices and actions in the moment. She has gone deep into subconscious patterns herself during her 2 journeys with breast cancer, using the “Origin Methodology of Self Discovery” and her own music. She has since written the book “Loving life- All of it – A walk with Cancer, Compassion, and Consciousness” Join us for this incredible conversation and spiral up! 

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