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Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Minneapolis, MN, singer Antonio Darris has been quite aware of the world around him and acquires life as a muse for his music. Youngest of five children to a single mother and raised by his Grandmother Minnie, Antonio grew up watching his father-figure practice music and performing at gigs around the city. With life as his muse and turning to music as his escape, Antonio Darris has grown to find his sound in social conscious lyrical content. Whether directly or indirectly, life happens to Darris and he has transmuted experiences into lyrics and melodies.

His most recent release to the world is a mellow, R&B groove “The Change of 2 Americas” that embraces excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “The Other America” speech, along with present day racial and political issues that have been tainting our country for centuries. “Paradox” released in Spring 2021 with more social-conscious music to come.

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