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April 14th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Cory Mosley
Cory Mosley, CSP, is an award-winning business strategist, speaker, and coach. For almost two-decades, Cory has been dedicated to one thing, helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations grow. Accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, Cory has spoken internationally on business growth topics like sales, marketing, human capital, operations, and mindset.

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2.)JoAnn Moore
JoAnn Moore, a Master Wedding Planner, Author: “Laughing All the Way to the Altar”, Wedding Industry Educator and Speaker, expert in planning weddings and events in unique locations/venues; Mountains, ranches, and private properties, all with unique challenges. Wedding and event planner for over 30 years.
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3.)Brian Meert
Brian Meert is the CEO of AdvertiseMint, a Hollywood based digital advertising agency that specializes in helping successful companies advertise on Facebook. Advertisemint has managed millions of dollars in digital ad spends in entertainment, fashion, finance, and software industries. Brian is also the author of the best selling, The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising, and the innovative The Complete Guide to Digital Advertising Policies infographic.

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4.)Chavalia Dunlap-Mwamba
Former Music Teacher Composes Essential Harmonies Through Fragrance
After the COVID-19 quarantine took Chavalia from her elementary music classroom to her home, she immediately took to social media to educate the public about ways to improve both focus and rest during this time of staying home.

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5.) CEO and Co-Founder of Storyvine, Kyle Shannon
Kyle Shannon’s background and skills are eclectic, but a common thread that has emerged is storytelling in one form or another. He’s a professionally trained writer and actor who’s found a way to apply my skills and passions to projects and companies ranging from Inventing, Patenting and Manufacturing a line of educational Fly Fishing Kits; to starting one of the first online Art & Culture Magazine (Urban Desires;) to co-founding one of the largest interactive marketing firms (AGENCY.COM.)

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6.) Shannon Murphy
Shannon Murphy is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Shine Content Strategy, a content marketing consultancy. An alum of Boston-based technology start-ups like Brightcove and HubSpot, Shannon has worked in SEO since 2008 and video marketing since 2013. Founded in 2017, Shine Content aligns marketing teams and key stakeholders, helping them refine their content efforts and hit business goals – she has won page-one rich snippets in as little as one month!

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