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April 17th Episode of the Round Table Talk Show

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1.) Derick Ware

Derick Ware is CEO/President of Possess The Land Homeless Solutions, He began working in the none profit industry at age of 14 years. He started as a assistant youth minister of programs with Inner City Ministries and was promoted to Director of programs at age of 18years. He believes in the power of people and it is our natural heritage to Possess The Land

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2.) Andrea Cruz

Andrea Cruz is a Mind Body Heart Soul Therapy Coach and MA Humanistic holistic Psychotherapist, She empowers others to being their best version and to encourage a more profound awareness of the self especially during traumatic times!

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3.) Darrell Hulse II

Darrell Hulse II Public Speaker, He always addresses the importance of influence, charity, human life, and generosity along with Self Love and Self Confidence also gives meditations sessions and much more.

Join Darrell for his daily meditations at 8:45 PM PST on Zoom at:

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4.) Edward Philipp

Edward is a Certified Hypnotist, who specializes in helping people beat their BIG EMOTIONAL ISSUES such as Alcohol Addiction Relapse as a Sobriety Specialist using science based approaches such as hypnosis, NLP, and EFT and much more.

Find more information about Edward at:

5.) Nathan Elson

Nathan Elson is Executive Director of Marketing & Business development of CDF Capital. Nathan has spent over 20 years following his two passions, ministry and marketing. Nathan has helped denominations, large ministries, local churches, and Christian publishers tell their stories and engage their audiences.

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