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April 1st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Erwin Wils
After finishing university in 1996 as a Master of Science in electrical engineering, Erwin worked in the corporate world for 20 years—because that’s what I was told to do: “Do your best at school, get a title, and get a job. That’s the safe, responsible way to live life.” He worked at several companies in various roles, always looking for ways to add value. His common thread was process optimization and each step He took was toward this goal: see how it works, optimize the process, and move on.

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2.)Robert Foster
Robert Foster finds fulfillment in helping others discover their calling in life and turn it into a thriving career. He also speaks regularly on the principles that have helped him build extraordinary resilience to weather the storms of life and come out victorious.
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3.) UB Ciminieri
UB Cinminieri is an advocate for people’s safety and happiness. He thrives in helping people overcome internal obstacles to be better humans to themselves and others. As an advocate, he helps companies attract, hire and develop more inclusive and diverse talent. He speaks about the future of work and building inclusive companies. Through his work as Co-founder and CEO of Breaking the Bias

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4.) Salim Amir bey
Born in Virignia
Placed top 5 in USA in national culinary competition he felt ashamed when looking at our diet, became active in making people aware about foods we eat. An Activist

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