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April 21st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Camille Davis & Chandra Gore

Camille Davis is a CEO of PRcollective, She possess B.A. in Public Relations from Penn State (2007) in addition to a Master of Tourism Administration from GWU (2009). She is considered a Media, Events and Branding expert.

Chandra has worked with entrepreneurs to help them create foundations for success through her boutique consulting and public relations firm Chandra Gore Consulting, She also heads a production company, SCM Productions.

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2.) Kara Duffy

Kara is an entrepreneur & leader who thrives on helping you life your best life and your company thrive. Whether it’s life goals or business goals, so often we make them more complicated than they really are. Kara shares her knowledge from large international corporations, small nonprofit startups, launching her own companies, and coaching people to success across multiple industries.

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3.) Keren Moynihan

Keren Moynihan is co-founder and CEO of Boss Insights, a company that uses big data and AI to accelerate lending from months to minutes. With a Joint JD/MBA, Keren has a diverse background as a commercial banker, wealth manager and former founder of an impact startup. Keren is a regular speaker and has been featured in Thrive Global, Disrupter Daily, Women of Influence and Canadian Women Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

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Karlyn is a CEO at KDPM Consulting Group Inc. She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence & Neuro-Life Coach. She offers services like Life Coaching, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Career Development Coaching and much more.

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5.) Ronda Brunson

Ronda Brunson is MS B Credit Queen, She preaches and teaches the credit gospel to all who will listen, She offers offer an array of financial literacy and credit education services tailored to fit each of our clients individual needs and much more.

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