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April 24th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Richard Cardenas

Richard Cardenas is Marketing Director at PHP Agency, Inc. He is an advisor for the last 13 years and being able to help thousands of families in his career and helping families how jot to panic in a crisis.

Find more information about Richard at:

2.) Dawn Lane

Dawn Lane is a life insurance agent who is stepping out into the communities providing financial literacy. She Loves helping people, Helping them learn and secure their future and the future of their families, friends, and clients.

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3.) Dane Maxwell

Dane Maxwell is an author and expert on how to stay financially save during the Coronovarius. Dane is a financially-free entrepreneur, expert and author of the brand new book: START FROM ZERO: Build Your Own Business and Experience True Freedom (on sale: 3/31). Dane shares how anyone can experience financial freedom with no ideas, no expertise, and no money.

Find more information about Dane at:

4.) Dorothy Enriquez

Dorothy Enriquez is a Coach, Speaker and Facilitator, She has been in the leadership and learning space over 15 years working with leaders from various backgrounds and industries as they grow and develop in and out in your work place. She has a knack of helping people to get out on own way by transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Find more information about Dorothy at:

5.) Katie Kimball

Katie Kimball, is a mom of 4 and founder of Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. She loves to talk about her passion for getting kids in the kitchen, entrepreneurship as a family and what that looks like, and stress mastery in these challenging times.

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