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April 2nd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Albert Goldson
Albert Goldson is Executive Director of the Cerulean Council, a NYC-based think-tank that provides contrarian and often prescient geopolitical risk assessments. Mr. Goldson is a former Public Policy Maker and US DHS officer. He is a member of a wide-spectrum of professional organizations that include The Overseas Press Club of America (Board Member), American Society of International lawyers (ASIL) and the Hedge Fund Association.
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2.) Jonelle Massey
Jonelle is an educator, licensed mental health therapist, and school counselor who is redefining the way we view and practice empathy. With a background in crisis counseling and entrepreneurial leadership, Jonelle is fostering empathetic connections through professional development lectures, young entrepreneur mentorship, and through HerHub—an online community connecting women, resources, and businesses. She’ll be a perfect guest for the show.

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3.) Marsha Gleit
Marsha Gleit is a speaker, entrepreneur, and a master at creating effective leaders. After 30 years of working in C-suite positions, she found her passion for helping others grow in their personal and professional lives. As a Success Coach, Marsha works to move her clients from settling to succeeding. Marsha couples her business prowess with her leadership development training skills while creating a humorous and fun environment for clients to develop, grow, and prosper.

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4.) Renee Carleson
Renee has mission is to help families with special needs learn how to calm the mind and body through mindfulness routines, reflexology, essential oils and sensory experiences.
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