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April 6th Episode of The Round Table

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Belinda Baker is an Entrepreneur and Author.

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Elizabeth McFadden

Elizabeth McFadden is the CEO and Director of Brand Strategy for Novella Brandhouse, a full-service branding & marketing firm specializing in strategy for scaling or established businesses. She is also a speaker and have been a guest on podcasts, masterminds and much more..

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2.) Rashad McCrorey

Rashad is an Owner of Ghana Cross Culture and an Travel Influencer, He promotes and encourage travel to African countries specially Ghana, his love and passion for sweet African soil allows him to help people of Ghana to fulfill their dream.

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3.) Michael O’Brien

Michael is an Motivational Speaker also a Peloton Executive Coach, He is also Author of the Best Seller Helping Corporate Leaders have their Last Bad Day. He has gone through lots of ups and downs in his life which makes him a very strong character.

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4.) Marlana White aka HP Marlana

Marlana is Fifth Generation Healer & Intuit; uplifting women through mind/body/spirit. Marlana has strong views on Women Empowerment, Hope, Reduction of Fear Based Tactics, RECOGNIZING YOUR POWER, HELPING OTHERS TO WAKE UP!!

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5.) Isabel Hundt

Isabel is a Sociologist, Speaker, Certified Transformation Coach, Emotions Clearing Practitioner and Visionary who lives in a world of endless possibilities, She is currently working on a documentary called The Power of Connection – Changing the World by Changing Your Perception which is talking about self-awareness as the foundation to shattering cultural barriers

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