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April 8th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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1.) Steven Ross
Originally from Southern California, Steven began selling real estate there in 2005, and after moving to Colorado in 2009 built another real estate practice from scratch, As a speaker and trainer, he works with other sales professionals to maximize their time and money, cultivating a mindset and business that ultimately gives them more freedom and fulfillment.

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2.) Kristina Shea
Kristina Shea has an eclectic background — from teaching fitness to working in senior corporate roles. She has lead women’s empowerment workshops, organized fundraising events for women’s shelters, and her professional career has spanned graphic design to leading marketing & communication departments.

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3.) Nancy Economou
Nancy Economou is the founder and CEO of Watts of Love, which was founded in 2013 following a business trip to the Philippines. While there she realized the drastic need for safe and renewable lighting. As a mother of five boys, Nancy was compelled to equip vulnerable families to help raise them out of a continuous cycle of poverty. Nancy has made it her mission to deliver light and love to the poorest of the poor worldwide.

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4.) Naomi Mamiye
Having a childhood full of tragedies, Naomi Mamiye got married young just to have a home. She did not have parents to guide or have her back. Because of her foolishness of youth, years later she found herself divorced with 4 kids- no income or family to lean on. Naomi had to turn to her creativity to start a business. People laughed when she proposed to start the Naomi Mamiye Design firm.

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5.)Alexandra creates brands that people trust, remember, and come back to. She is the person behind Alexandra Pedro Marketing where she helps arts and culture businesses set up and manage their online presence to reach their ideal audience.

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