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August 18th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Andrea Heuston

She is the founder and CEO of Artitudes Design in Issaquah WA (a suburb of Seattle). She started the business 25 years ago with a $5,000 loan from her grandmother and used the money to purchase a Macintosh computer and her business cards.

Find more information about Andrea at:

Home – Artitudes Design – Issaquah, WA Graphic Design
Home – Artitudes Design – We are passionate about our work and proud to share that work with you. We hope you are inspired by some of our latest work!

2.) Ruth King

Profitability Master Ruth King has a passion for helping businesses get and stay profitable utilizing the latest systems/processes/technology. After twelve years on the road, doing 200 flights per year, she knew there had to be a better way to reach business people who wanted to build their businesses and train their employees.

Find more information about Ruth at:
Ruth King, Author, Consultant and Entrepreneur
Read about and work with Ruth King, leading expert in small business financials and the HVAC industry.

3.) Cheryl Ivaniski

Cheryl Lynn Ivaniski Professional Bio- Diabetes Specific Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH, Cheryl Ivaniski specializes in pairing leading-edge traditional and holistic medicine to restore the balance between the mind and body through stress reduction, mindset techniques, self-empowerment, natural nutrition, and optimal self-care practices.

Find more information about Cheryl at:

Holistic Diabetes Solutions – Home Main
The #1 Way To Achieve Normal Blood Sugar Levels is To Test and Track Them. Do It With Ease With The Holistic Diabetes Solutions Journal. Each page includes a place to track everything you do […]


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