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August 21st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Bruce Sheridan

Bruse has spent over 35 years as an entrepreneur and a senior leader in Fortune 100 companies. She is now want to give back and help young adults apply a practical, simple method to plan and live a God-centered life, taking responsibility for all their relationships and finances.

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2.) Ryan Kwiatkowski

Ryan “Quiet-cow-ski” was born and raised in Chicago. He continued his studies at George Mason University, outside of Washington D.C., and graduated from the School of Management in 2010 while playing for the Division One Men’s Volleyball Team.

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Home | Retirement Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (630) 577-1800 Joanie is the Managing Partner and cofounder of Retirement Solutions, Inc. (RSI). She and her husband Mike Kwiatkowski have built a successful wealth management practice focused on meeting the challenges business owners, individuals and families face in growing, protecting and managing their wealth.

3.) Maegan Lujan

Now an award-winning leader in tech branding, Maegan was once homeless and left to fend for herself—at the age of 14. She never had parents. She never went to high school or college. But she does know a lot about being the CEO of your own personal brand, owning your story,

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4.) Dr. Ryeal Simms

Relationship Expert, Body Language / Sex Expert, Motivational Speaker, Neuropsychologist & BehavioristDr. Ryeal Simms, the Relationship Scientist, is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience, neurobiology, sex, human behavior of relationships, worldwide.

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