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August 24th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Jonathan R L Grosso

Jonathan Grosso and I created Axol & Friends – a sustainable brand of children’s toys, storybooks, and accessories based on characters drawn in the image of endangered animals. We also donate a portion of every sale to youth empowerment programs in the same regions these animals are native to. Our goal is to create a better way of doing business by transforming everyday items into opportunities for social impact.

Find more information about Jonathan at:

Axol & Friends | Plush Toys with Purpose
We are a socially conscious company that creates characters which highlight rare endangered animals, and spread important values of community empowerment, compassion, and environmental conservation. We sell plushies, storybooks, and accessories and donate a portion of every sale to our nonprofit partners. Together, we are funding school and shelter programs, and creating the leaders of today …

2.) Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa Robbin Young is a multi-passionate Fusion Creative with my fingers in a lot of pies. I’ve built a profitable career as a creative entrepreneur. I’ve written books and music, appeared on film, stage, and television. I’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to making good money without selling your soul.

Find more information about Lisa at:

Home – Lisa Robbin Young
A Fusion Creative, Lisa is the founder of Ark Entertainment Media, a production company and business incubator for creative entrepreneurs. As an accomplished author, speaker, and performing artist, Lisa’s built a body of inspirational and motivational work including two books, three full-length albums and stage and media appearances too numerous to mention.

3.) Ineke Kay McMahon

Ineke McMahon is a career strategist, executive recruiter, and co-founder of the Path to Promotion learning and development academy. She started her career in male-dominated industries such as Building, Property, Construction, and Infrastructure. She built her reputation as one of the leading Executive Recruiters in the Country (Australia), being recognized by national newspapers as one of the top five recruiters in the country. She has an impressive resume, having recruited CEOs and Board members for some of Australia’s leading organizations, and local and state governments.

Find more information about Ineke at:

Path to Promotion Career Development Course
The Strategic career development plan to achieve better engagement, retention and productivity

4.) Adrienne “Fierce” Manson

ON AUGUST 15, 2007
I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm which surgeons have declared it to be a miraculous survival and repeated to me, and my mother after the surgery “we have no idea how this woman survived, her brain was full of blood”, Dr. Demetrius Lopez of Rush Medical Center stated “it was everywhere, all over it is a mystery how she survived”, but God had a plan for my life.

Find more information about Adrienne at:

Adreinne F. Manson is a Author, Speaker & Spirit Strategist. I’m a licensed & ordained Evangelist/Verified Eagle Eye Prophet 1984, gifted in prophetic visions of past, present and future noted for connecting, and pulling your past patterns forward to heal, correct, and restore your present c

5.) Allison Almond

Allison Almond helps people bring calm to their chaos by organizing their home, garage, or life! Allison Almond loves to be challenged by the impossible projects of organizing spaces and getting it done by transforming her client’s lives.

Find more information about Allison at:


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