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August 25th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Julie Ann Dokowicz (Jules)

Julie Ann Dokowicz aka Jules in last 15 years she has traveled and worked as a dancer, actress, spokesmodel, videographer and blogger. Through her experiences, she learned how to travel in luxury and style without breaking the bank and how to find the best experiences.
This lead her to create a travel blog to share her knowledge and expertise.

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3.) Shelley Rempe

Shelley is a business owner and travel is her passion. She believes travel should be easy, relaxing and affordable. Every trip she books comes with her Concierge Promise that she designs each detail to build lifetime memories for pleasure travelers and deliver the concierge service business travelers deserve.

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4.) Crista Marie Miller
Crista is an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Certified Aura Color Coach, and Reiki Master. Crista began channeling spirit at the age of 7. Crista Marie Miller is a nationally recognized “Consciousness Coach” and works with some of the biggest Social Media platforms in the industry. As a published author, Crista continues her service as Editor for Radiance Magazine and has numerous articles published in multiple media outlets.

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5.) Sanju Ganglani

Sanju is an entrepreneur and CEO of gang&lani media he understands what level of dedication and support is necessary to help make a business successful. His partner Saliena, an MBA and MHA graduate, is also an integral resource, providing her expertise in healthcare marketing, finance and client services.

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