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Bestselling Speaker, Author, Coach and Mentor – Yvonne E.L. Silver and Viviana Puello on the power of commitment.

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Bestselling Speaker, Author, Coach and Mentor – Yvonne E.L. Silver Guest on The Winner’s Journey Podcast  

Teaching women to Flourish in business is a passion. I am a Speaker, Author, Coach, and Mentorship Chair, with my book “Words, Women and Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” , and host for the Words, Women and Wisdom Show (BBS Radio) to elevate confident living. When women elevate their confidence, are heard and valued, they make more impact, have more fun and greater success in business! Professionally I am a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered HR Professional and Reiki Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Intelligence – on the team for the Coaches Business School.   

On this episode Yvonne shares with us her story and the importance of our dialog and belief system for a successful, and fruitful and joyful like.   

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Learn from top leaders, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and award-winning professionals. ArtTour International Magazine’s Founder and CEO, Viviana Puello, discusses with her guests their inspiring journeys, the secrets behind their brands, and what it took them to get there. A podcast to unleash the winner in you!   

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