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Blossom Bamboo on Tantra and getting your mojo back,…. sexy, whole, empowered.

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Jayne and Shel interview Blossom Bamboo. A yoga coach, a tantra therapist, a stigma stomper, and a taboo tackler. Blossom teaches us what is tantra, and how can we achieve intimacy through acceptance, embodiment and intimacy. Even with surgery, hormonal changes and anything else that challenges our perception of who we are. Break through the multitude of accepted programs that we believe make us who we are. Learn how to go inside to discover a much deeper meaning of what makes us “sexy”, whole, and empowered.

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This podcast is for information purposes only and represents the views and opinions of the speakers. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any naturl, complimentary or conventional treatment.

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