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Carla Sridevi Cohen and Sharifah Hardie Interview

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Carla Cohen’s passion is teaching others how to improve their lives and their health. After graduating UCSD, Carla gravitated toward the entertainment industry. She worked her way up from administrative assistant to Vice President in major public relations firm and then was recruited to film and television production as a Director of Development.

A health crisis changed her priorities and direction in life. She spent nearly two years bouncing around Western Medicine and oriental medicine but continued to struggle with exhaustion and a high fever.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Part of her recovery was learning TM. She also went for a session with a healer and became the apprentice. Around the same time, Carla was contacted by a gifted psychic and invited to become a Certified Spiritual Practitioner her the Cosmic Academy of Healing Arts – a kind of Hogwart’s for psychics. Her studies led her to work with gifted shaman and healers from around the world. In addition to breath work and yoga, she studied nutrition, Body Harmony, Body Talk, Pranic Healing, sports medicine, became an essential oils expert and more. She now holds over 20 certifications.

Her vision for empowering others to look, feel and be their best, expanded when she realized how many women are struggling with high expectations for themselves, stress, burn out, exhaustion, and flying off the handle. She specializes in working with women who are wondering if there is another direction for their career/ life. Carla helps her client’s understand what their body is telling them and how to work with the voice inside that is pushing them to feel like they are not doing enough. She helps women feel good about where they are at and respond to life in a way they are proud of.

Carla has been a keynote speaker at Earth Day Santa Barbara and taught courses for NBC, Bay Club, Lockheed, United Sports Brands, Yogaworks, Core Power Yoga, Hot 8, CSULB, and Marymount University.

She also authored The 10 Minute Face, which helps women learn about how to make their skin glow, toxins to avoid in makeup and best practices for applying makeup.

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