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Conversation with Master Business Strategist and Founder of MogulCon – Dr. Felicia Phillips

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Had an amazing experience speaking with Dr. Felicia Phillips who educates and empowers female-owned businesses with the hope and strategy to not only keep their heads above water but to swim and not sink during troubling times This powerhouse Master Business Strategist is also the founder of MogulCon – a. conference that for 5 years has provided attendees with the resources that will help them build a sustainable strategy and accelerate the growth of themselves and their businesses. 

Dr. Felicia Phillips is a Master Business Strategist, Founder of Business Conference MogulCon, mentor and all around business expert. During her 30-year entrepreneurial career serving, educating and mentoring small and diverse businesses, her mission is to help you gain access to opportunities for diverse suppliers with corporations who are looking to procure the products and services you offer. As a wife, mother and accomplished business leader, Felicia understands the difficult balance women face and is committed to helping birth their vision and manifest their dreams and increase their wealth. /

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