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Daniel Olexa and Sharifah Hardie Interview

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Daniel Olexa brings more than 30 years of professional problem solving to his hypnotherapy and coaching practice. The tools that he used to help his business customers succeed are the same tools that he uses to create winning solutions for his hypnotherapy clients.

Daniel has a knack for finding solutions to problems.

He loves looking for answers that are not obvious; not settling for the expedient solution, but asking the right questions to find the correct answer to a problem or issue. Daniel’s mission is to create unique solutions for each and every one of his clients so that they may realize the life they dream of living.

As a hypnotherapist and coach, Daniel has successfully worked with people from around the world to create lasting, positive life-changes. His unique approach to understanding his clients’ issues helps them to uncover the knowledge they need to bring profound change to their lives. Through hypnotherapy, Dan then provides them with the tools to build this life.

He believes fully in anyone’s ability to change their story so that they may live their ideal, happy life. One of his mantras is “We are nothing more than the stories we tell about who we are. We are literally the embodiment of that story. Change your story, change what you believe about who you are and what you deserve, and you will create a new life experience.”

Daniel is also the Lead Facilitator/Trainer with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, sharing his skills and experience with the next generation of life coaches.

As the President of the Long Beach Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, he helps holistic, heart-centered healers and entrepreneurs to become strong, stable businesspeople and share their light both profitably and successfully.

He is the co-author of two Amazon #1 Bestsellers: Practical Manifesting: Overcome Fear, Realize Truth, and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live and A Pessimist’s Guide to Manifesting.

He has been recognized by as one of the Top 100 Hypnotherapy Blogs in the world.

Last month, Daniel was voted the Best Hypnotherapist in the Los Angeles South Bay by the readers of The Daily Breeze. 

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