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December 10th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr.

Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr is an Athlete. Scholar. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Bestselling Author. Speaker. Poet. Consultant. Volunteer. Coach. A modern-day “Renaissance man,” Vid Buggs is a man of diverse interests who directs his many talents towards bringing people together, encouraging them to look past their differences to unite to make the world a better place. Vid and his companies 4-U-Nique Publishing and VLB/VBJ Enterprises have been featured in several publications including USA Weekly, Huffington Post, and Forbes

Find more information about Vid at:

2.) Norman Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Find more information about Norman at:

3.) Dr. Regine Muradian

Dr. Regine Muradian is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, author and mental health advocate. She specializes in Stress and Anxiety, and her first children’s book, ’Franky and the Worry Bees,’ has just been released. This book helps children tackle the anxieties brought up by today’s climate.

Find more information about Dr. Regine at:

4.) Shahara Wright

Shahara Wright is a business law attorney and business strategist. She works with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She represents businesses throughout the US as general counsel.
Find more information about Shahara at:

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