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December 3rd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Andy Lindus

Andy has also utilized an effective earned media push to become the “local home improvement expert” in the Twin Cities area. Here is a recent segment on the CBS affiliate:

Lindus has also continued to push its popular non-paid forms of branding which include the following:
Facebook (7273 followers)
YouTube (over 1.3 million lifetime views)
Pinterest (57K monthly views)
Twitter (29.K followers)

Find more information about Andy:

2.) Dr Jacqui Taylor

Dr Jacqui Taylor one of 100 Global Leaders for 2019, as a top 10 Global Internet of Things innovator she doesn’t just predict the future she engineers it using cutting-edge web science research. She will clarify and demystify the future for you and spotlight the megatrends inspiring you to align your organization to profit from the Internet of Things.

Find more information about Dr Jacqui at:

5.) Talisa “Tali” Lavarry

Tali Lavarry is the founder of Yum Yum Morale, a DEI Consultancy that focuses on the retention and advancement of diverse hires. Organizations large and small look to her, to bridge the gap between their leadership team and marginalized hires.
Find more information about Talisa at:


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