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December 7th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Paul Faust

Paul is the President of

Find more information about Paul at:

2.) Allison Munitillo
Allison is the President and COO of Rebel Interactive Group, a digital marketing agency located in Central Connecticut. Allison has over 10 years of experience working with clients on their marketing strategy. Recently, Allison was promoted to President of Rebel for her phenomenal work being a key leader at Rebel Interactive Group. Allison was instrumental in preparing Rebel to navigate Covid-19 and continuing to thrive since.

Find more information about Allison at:

3.) Felicia Young

Felicia Young, M.Ed a higher education consultant for over 15 years. A mom, entrepreneur, educator, student and friend. She thoroughly enjoys the work she does with students and tells people she loves financial aid! Promoting education without debt is her primary message.

Find more information about Felicia at:

4.) Belle Walker

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting. Until April 2019, she was a Director of Engineering at HERE Technologies, an industry leader in digital mapping. There, she built several successful teams, including one responsible for content and process quality, process efficiency, and operational excellence for the HD Live Map product. Merging data scientists, software engineers, systems engineers, project managers, and more, showcased Belle’s organizational design and leadership skills.

Find more information about Belle at:


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