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Dr Divya Chhabra -The subconscius mind- How it affects health. Disease, Neuroscience and Homeopathy!

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Jayne and Shel interview Dr. Divya Chhabra from India. Dr. Divya is one of the world’s great homeopaths. Skilled in the diagnosis and choice of remedy, with a combination of mathematical skill and experiential instinct, Divya has dedicated her life to finding the perfect constitutional remedy for the patient. Her quest for perfection has one constant, the exploration of the unconscious brain as a controller of disease patterns. This is the foundation of her method “leap to the simillimum”. Its latest evolved avatar is based on the understanding of disease based on the “Pavlovian model of neural circuits”. Listen in to this fascinating conversation, revealing how the conscious and unconscious (automatic) brain work and just how they are a huge contributor to our health and disease.  Learn how to break the patterns and the circuits that are causing disharmony and disease. Divya is on the cutting edge of this incredible, groundbreaking science. A must listen!! Subscribe or book a chat with us! –

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Group is called “Leap to Similimum”-Dr. Divya chhabra.

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Group is called “Leap to health”.

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This podcast is for information purposes only and represents the views and opinions of the speakers. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any natural, complimentary or conventional treatment.

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