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Dr. G. Alfred Palmer and Sharifah Hardie interview

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Dr. G. Alfred Palmer and Sharifah Hardie interview 

Dr. G. Alfred Palmer is the CEO of PurposeQuest International a consulting firm in Washington DC, is purposed with assisting organizations, families, couples, groups, and individuals in finding and bring purpose into fruition. Dr. Palmer is a Purposeologist who has been dubbed the Purpose~ology Prophet, Destiny Deliverer, Dr. Purpose~ology and many others; because of his determination to assist people in finding the reason they were born! Formally educated in or holding degrees in theology, psychology, counseling, management, organizational leadership and leadership he brings formal education along with a wealth of experience from numerous settings, i.e., federal and state government, mental health, rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, schools, colleges, and universities just to name a few. Having helped thousands of people he has found and focuses on his purpose of bringing people to the awareness and discovery of their individual purpose.

He is the author of two award-winning books: Purpose~ology: The Science of Purpose (available & Barnes and also in eBook) and Purpose~ology: The Science of Purpose (the workbook). Finally, he currently has 17 books he has authored with more on the way.

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