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Dr.Jessica Liu ND and Nora Pope FCP – White Flow Makes Babies ™!

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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with DR. Jessica Liu ND and Nora Pope FCP! Both are graduates of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. We find out why -White Flow Makes Babies ™!  These ladies are passionate and well versed in the art of empowering women, and say “they look forward to the day when all women attain body literacy.” Learn about Cycle Charting. The Universal Biomarkers, white flow, red flow, and the post-peak phase. Cycle charting as an alternative to the pill. The role of progesterone. How to enhance and balance hormones. Spice, and spiritual bonding. The emotional toll of infertility and the effects of stress. Finally a snip From Jessica and Nora – “There are no limits to what we can achieve and create. The universe has infinite energy for us to tap into so that we can dare to dream and live in abundance in alignment and with our true selves.” Let’s spiral UP.

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Nora also wrote a great article in NDNR on Cycle Charting: ’21 Days No More’  that might be great to include for your listeners –

Here’s a link also to a Fertility Stress Index created by Jessica:

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