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Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin and Sharifah Hardie Interview

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Dr. Pion-Berlin is a passionate and compassionate leader and expert in resiliency, shared leadership®, family strengthening and prevention with more 38 years of research, advocacy and program implementation focusing on Evidence-Based Services and Initiatives. Fondly, called Dr. Lisa she is also an experienced clinician and Clinical Hypnotherapist working with Parents, Adults and Children of all ages to address their underlying emotional issues, change behaviors and reduce anxiety, fear and loss just to name a few. She has a Ph.D. in Social Work from Ohio State University, Masters in Social Work & Masters in Public Administration from University of Denver, and Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Georgetown University. Dr. Lisa believes Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength® and she envisions a just society where all Parents, Children & Youth thrive in resilient families and communities.

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