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Early Childhood and Social Emotional Awareness Expert Dana Kaplan shares pearls of wisdom with Time Matters! Host

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Dana’s niche approach to teaching unleashes vulnerability, invites self-acceptance, increases confidence, and fosters self-compassion. For more, or email:

Dana Kaplan is an Early Childhood and Social Emotional Awareness Expert. As a former classroom teacher for 14 years, Dana taught and learned with exhilarating 4-6 year old humans while mentoring students through high school. As a pioneer in transforming how education and social emotional awareness organically intertwine, Dana intentionally designed, piloted, and launched programs that empowered children across all ages. Dana’s belief in cultivating space for exposure and expansion simultaneously allowed students needing breaks or extra attention to find solace in her learning environment. After acquiring substantial grants focused on the arts and social emotional awareness, speaking at parent forums, and planning and executing 60-80 field trips a year helped Dana realize her purpose in the world was beyond the four walls of a classroom.
Developing Empathetic Education with Dana (DEED) was founded in the fall of 2019 and fully launched March of 2020. Self-awareness, accountability, and radical personal responsibility are the core elements Dana authentically teaches when working with youth and adults. With intentional practices and modeling, learners are empowered to crush glass ceilings by effectively naming their feelings and emotions, honoring their positively powerful voice, and owning their choices and actions. Dana propels learners and families with highly effective communication skills, allowing for hard conversations and rich connections between home and school. Dana provides 1:1 private sessions, parenting and youth workshops, professional development, and speaking engagements.

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