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Ep. 20 Music Connects Souls

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On this episode, we are talking with Tolu Adesina. Tolu Adesina is a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer born in Northern Nigeria. Tolu was raised growing up in a Baptist church. As early as 11, Tolu was already singing in the children’s choir where he gained most of his musical experience. His soprano-like vocals were so distinct, it was hard not to notice his musical talent.  Tolu has auditioned for several competitions like MTN Project Fame: West Africa, West African Idol, Set the Stage and even BET’s Sunday’s Best. He has also performed on Dare’s Love Like a Movie, alongside Ciara and other international acts. Throughout his career, he has been privileged enough to share his gift with the world and perform on various musical platforms. Tolu’s dream is for his music to reach far beyond Nigeria, but worldwide with the understanding that music is a gift and it is important to be able to give his fans and the world music that is relatable, authentic, and different.

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