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Ep. 45 “You Are Enough”

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On this episode, we are talking to Jessica Wright. Jessica Wright, Visionary and Owner of Simple Sweets, LLC is a self-taught sugar artist, businesswoman, mom and creative at heart located in the DC area. After the birth of her two beautiful children and searching for a way to gain additional income when a 9-5 did not seem to get the job done, she birthed Simple Sweets. Simple Sweets, LLC is a combination of her passion for art and fascination with dessert that turned out to be a winning combination! Every intricate detail of Jessica’s desserts is balanced with a hint of simplicity. Creating an unforgettable dessert experience guaranteed to be pleasing not only to the eye, but to the pallet. Coincidentally, that was the goal, to have her customers walking away anticipating their next Simple Sweets encounter.

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