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Ep. 52 “Creating the Lane for YOUTH by YOUTH”

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On this episode, we are speaking with DeKori and Christian Robinson. CEO Founders – Christian and DeKori Robinson are defining what it means to be teenagers! These young gentlemen are award winning entrepreneurs, entertainers, published models and actors. They have also both won the YOUNG B.O.S.S. Award. Dekori won the ATL’s Hottest Model and Christian won the ATL’s Hottest Musician Award. Christian, is also the CEO of his own apparel brand, FYE (Find Your Element). Christian founded this company after his experiences with bullying. He was determined to move past this bit of nastiness, with strength and goodwill. Now, he inspires and encourages other teens to find their inner strength to overcome all obstacles in life! DeKori made his television debut at the age of 7 on Drop Dead Diva. He has been in national commercials and is currently, when not studying, working on his fashion line! At school, he is a track runner and the running back of the school football team. In his downtime, he loves art, architecture and music. Yes, at such a young age, the lists of their accomplishments, skills, and roles, are already infinite! 

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