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Ep. 55 “Your VISION is your PURPOSE in ACTION”

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On this epsiode, we will be chatting with Lakitia Woodard. Lakitia’s self awareness journey to purpose was long, hard, painful, lonely, invigorating, exciting, and fulfilling all at the same time. When she was eight years old hearing her mom tell everyone she knew she was going to become a lawyer literally made her heart flutter with joy. Little did she know at the time, she was on the road to becoming the first generation college graduate, a Sexual Abuse Survivor/Speaker, attain an MBA Global Management, publish my first book, launch a consulting firm specializing in Self Awareness, and marry the love of her life. For a long time, she knew sharing her testimony was her purpose. For years, she ran away from it because she didn’t want to become known as the “sexual abuse victim”. Lakitia really fought to forever close that chapter in her life for good but little did she understand at the time is you will NOT outrun your purpose.

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