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Ep. 82: ” Always Speak Your Truth “

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On this final episode, we are chatting with Lee Stewart. Lee Stewart was born in Vietnam, Lee and her mother escaped from Vietnam when Lee was just four years old. Making their way to the United States was no easy task. Lee and her mother traveled from boats to planes and it took them two years to land in a refugee camp.  Lee arrived in Arizona at the age of seven. Lee has been gardening since she was a young girl and understands the relationship and health benefits of eating home grown vegetables. Lee has over 40 years of gardening experience and 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  Lee is a certified personal trainer and a Certified Master Gardener with the Maricopa County Extension program through the University of Arizona.

Lee is the owner of VEG UP GET DIRTY a professional gardening business where Lee provides her clients with healthy options to grow their own vegetables, cultivate edible landscapes, and create a space that is good for their health. Lee uses the best, freshest, and highest quality materials in her garden process with natural ingredients into the composting of her soil base. Lee builds her own raised garden beds from scratch using cedar wood. One of the components of cedar is it produces a natural oil that works as an insect repellent, so no harsh chemical pesticides are used.  Lee is dedicated to providing her clients with a better understanding of the nutritional value and the best outcome in healthy eating by eating what they grow.

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