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Episode #171 – How to make the workplace experience GREAT!

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Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist, and author of its very first book in the industry. Her

passion is creating work environments that enable all employees to be both productive and happy,

regardless of where that is.

With a 20-year career spanning 3 continents and in senior leadership roles in Interior Design, Real Estate

Development, and Global Workplace Services, Leni has the unique ability to understand the impact of a

physical environment on employee behavior, on business growth, and in expressing a culture.

Currently, Leni is finishing her Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, enhancing

her already robust knowledge on organizational behavior.

Today, as the world begins emerging from the pandemic and organizations start to rethink the future of

their workplace, Leni is front and center helping leaders and peers develop a Workplace Experience that

drives safety, flexibility, and productivity, allowing employees and businesses to continue to thrive.

Leni is also the creator of the Workplace of You, a human-centered workplace experience driven by the

2020 workplace evolution. You can find out more and reach her through her website:

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