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Episode #185 – She cracked the gender code!

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Joining me from Australia at 3pm est is Danielle Dobson:

I’m a speaker, facilitator, author, corporate advisor and mother, with an extensive background in corporate finance and then in the wellness industry.

Now, I’m on a mission: to help bring more gender equality to society and our workplaces, by breaking the Gender Code.

What do I mean by the Gender Code? I’m talking about that default set of beliefs which tells us that men are naturally providers, and women are naturally carers. It’s the reason our society hasn’t been designed with gender balance in mind, and why women are still carrying the lion’s share of the parenting load, while also trying to achieve at work and then failing to somehow ‘have it all’.

A few years ago I identified a lot of parents were struggling with stress and overwhelm as they tried to juggle work and family priorities. In the interest of being able to understand the needs of my wellness clients better, and my own struggles, I conducted a two-year research project interviewing over 50 women (and a few men) in leadership roles across a diverse range of industries.

The results of my research formed the basis for my book, Breaking the Gender Code, and now I use these findings and insights to help organisations unlock the potential of the women already on their teams, and attract the right female talent in the future.

I also help empower women to rewrite their own code for life, by releasing the pressures we’re dealing with caused by the Gender Code, and creating the life they want, on their own terms.

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