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Episode #189 – overcoming anxiety, stress, health, and mental health issues

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Zeenat’s past career as a Professional Figure Skater and Primary Teacher has given her a whole wealth of life experiences, skills and knowledge that she now uses alongside her coaching to inspire and help others.   Zeenat states, “I truly believe it’s possible to have a healthy mind and healthy body to allow you to reach your goals and dreams successfully when you have the right tools and strategies at hand- importantly, to be open and authentic with yourself. When you are mindful and true to yourself, both work hand in hand and amazing things begin to happen!”   About 5 years ago, Zeenat’s health took a massive health dive, she became burnt-out, stressed and depressed losing her bubbly energetic personality, her self-confidence and self-worth. She even lost control of her life and her passion for teaching. During her burnout, it was then that something sparked within her. She knew something had to change drastically. So, taking the biggest leap ever she handed in her resignation with no savings, no job to go to, just loads of bills, debts and a mortgage to pay for. Zeenat reached out to all the support and therapies that she could get to help her get back on track. As she began to find herself slowly back on track, she set out on a journey to learn and discover more about herself and her true passion, the thing that would reignite the fire within her. Zeenat soon learned that her lifestyle choices together with changing her mindset and resilience could help unravel these anxieties and stresses and found the balance in her own life that she had faded away.   Zeenat is a Wellbeing & Mental Health Therapist/ Coach and Speaker. The Founder and Owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching. Zeenat works with professional men, women and organisations who struggle with anxiety, stress, health and mental health issues. She is a qualified Performance Life Coach | NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programmer) |Mental Health First Aider| Kinetic Shift Practitioner| Rapid Hypnotist| Mindfulness Practitioner and an EFT Therapist (Emotional Freedom Tapping). An accredited member of the ANLP, UK Hypnosis Academy and Energy Practitioners Association.

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