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Episode #191 – Overcoming and living with depression

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Hello, I’m Trish Bennet, founder of Build Yourself Back Up. I share my personal journey of challenges, heartbreak and loss of self, so that I can support and encourage others who have experienced their own pain and are ready to build themselves back up. I’ve spent most of my life wearing an invisible mask that hid the true pain that was buried inside my mind, body and soul. After my Spiritual Awakening and the unravelling of my life, I spent many years healing the pains of the past. My heartbreaking life lessons led me to forgive myself and others. Step by step, I was able to build myself back up and create a life that is filled with success, love and opportunities. Through my work and passion for positive change I teach others that, at any point in time you can make changes and become the person you envision. The challenges and life lessons I had to overcome were depression, limiting beliefs, divorce, becoming a single mom, co-parenting, poor self-image and self-esteem, and more. By speaking about my life lessons and experiences, I help and encourage others to know they are not alone and show that there’s always a better path.

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