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Episode #198 — Elevating Body, spirit, and mind, one rhyme at a time

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Joining the show is Taaj-Udeen Davis, creator of Elevate and Motivate, LLC.

Elevate & Motivate began in 2018 when Taaj-Udeen Davis aka Coffee Black and Anwar Karim aka Ice Karim released their very first single to SoundCloud, titled “Breadwinnerz.” The duo has since then come a long way from these humble beginnings, yet the vision remains the same—Elevate & Motivate.

The power of music real, and is something that is felt by humans across the globe. E&M is a musical brand that seeks to bring positivity, knowledge, and inspiration to hip-hop fans everywhere. In a world that is overly divisive, we hope to elevate the human experience by offering music that is sonically crisp, lyrically rich, and and culturally relevant.

Elevate & Motivate till’ the whole team g’on celebrate!

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