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In this episode, we discuss recordings of “Mozart & Contemporaries” by Víkingur Ólafsson, “Galuppi: Piano Sonatas” by Fernanda Damiano, “Mozart: String Quartets Dedicated To Joseph Haydn” by Cuarteto Casals, “Fractal Beauty” by Klaus Paier, Gerald Preinfalk & Asja Valcic, “Mirage” by Alessandro Lanzoni, and “Countdown” by Simon Moullier.


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Episode 29 Deezer Playlist


“Mozart & Contemporaries” (Deutsche Grammophon)

Víkingur Ólafsson (piano)


“Galuppi: Piano Sonatas” (Brilliant Classics)

Fernanda Damiano (piano)


“Mozart: String Quartets Dedicated To Joseph Haydn” (Hamonia Mundi)

Cuarteto Casals (string quartet)


“Fractal Beauty” (Skip Records)

Klaus Paier (accordion), Gerald Preinfalk (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, clarinet), Asja Valcic (cello) Croatian


“Mirage” (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Alessandro Lanzoni


“Countdown” (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Simon Moullier

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