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February 10th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Brandon Cockrell

Brandon has decade of working in sales and marketing for large corporations, Brandon started Linchpin Sales Interactive 4 years ago with the sole purpose of helping businesses and e-commerce brands turn their marketing and advertising into profits. Being all about results, he now runs one of the only true performance-based digital ad agencies in the world.

Find more information about Brandon at:

2.) JClay

JClay is a spiritual teacher and rap artist that makes music to heal even the most reluctant of minds. He exposes the false beliefs that limit our growth and frees us to be our true selves. JClay’s ability to explain deep truths in a way that’s melodic and easily understood has allowed him to bring thousands worldwide to a state of peace and joy. “Only the weak have enemies. The strong have inner peace.” – JClay.
Find more information about JClay at:

3.) Karrie Klimas

Karrie is a Self Discovery Life Mastery Coach as well as train in communication, networking and relationship skills. Her personal growth is important to her and demands the highest and best for herself and others. In her professional work she trains people in a very deliberate and highly effective strategy to WIN in all areas of life. She’s used this strategy to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships with her family, team and people all over the world, has a fun and enjoyable work-life balance, a thriving business and so much more.

Find more information about Karrie at:

4.) Rita Ricks

Rita Caldwell Ricks is unlike any other person on the speaking circuit, because she coaches everyone in her view. Her wisdom, wit, energy and encouragement are the catalysts to inspire her listeners to renew the person within. She speaks to your spirit by sharing her own life experiences. She is a Spiritual Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast Presenter, Workshop Facilitator, Award winning Entrepreneur and the author of two books – PERMISSION GRANTED! A JOURNAL OF SPIRITUAL EPIPHANIES and #JUSTFORTODAY.

Find more information about Rita at:


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