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February 17th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Tracy Benson
Tracy founded On the Same Page LLC, in 2002. They create and implement strategies to communicate with and engage employees in large (mostly Fortune 500) organizations, mainly during some kind of large-scale change. Since many of these scenarios are both personally challenging and highly stressful, She found herself coaching and advising her senior exec clients a lot. She discovered that it’s incredibly helpful to have someone to work with who deeply understands business, change, and people …and who sits outside of the organization.

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2.)Randall Englund

Randall L Englund offers keynote talks, consulting, professional facilitation, executive education, books, articles, and advanced training services to people in management, managing projects, and working on project teams. His approach includes behavioral, technical, business, leadership, influence, negotiation, political, conflict and change management aspects that create an environment for project success. Was senior project manager at HP. Has MBA, BSEE.
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3.) Maria Dykstra

Maria Dykstra is an author, speaker, and marketing technologist. She spent 14 years at Microsoft helping Fortune 100 brands create exciting marketing campaigns. But something was missing. In February of 2012 she left her “dream job” to become an entrepreneur. Since then she turned TreDigital (, the agency she founded, into a global brand. Maria built a strong global network of partners, became a top business advisor and a leader of several top organizations.

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5.) Joe Mull

Joe Mull, M.Ed, CSP, is a Speaker, Author, and Commitment Consultant. Joe is a Certified Speaking Professional, the speaking profession’s highest earned designation and an international measure of speaking excellence held by less than 20% of all professional speakers worldwide. Joe speaks and writes about commitment in the workplace. Joe is the former head of learning and development for one of the largest physician groups in the U.S. As CEO of Joe Mull & Associates, he is on a mission to fill workplaces with better bosses.

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