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February 18th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Lee Jay Berman
Lee Jay Berman began as a full-time mediator 26 years ago and has successfully mediated over 2,500 matters. He specializes in working on business and partnership disputes, both in and out of litigation, with an emphasis on family-owned and closely-held businesses, real estate development and construction, and in the entertainment business, where he has been called the “Band Whisperer” for keeping successful performing acts together and working smoothly as a high performing cohesive unit.

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2.)Brook Sheehan

Brook Sheehan is a Doctor of Chiropractic at Cardiff Health and Wellness and co-founder of Cup O’ Sugar, a mobile app tailored around reducing food waste at the household level by connecting individuals to their nearby neighbors.
Learning that connection is the source of everything we are as individuals, Dr. Brook has been able to connect others back to the innate intelligence within them through chiropractic and externally through the power of connection to our local communities with Cup O’ Sugar.
Find more information about Brook at:

3.) Brenda R. Coone

Brenda R. Coone is a greeting card designer who specializes in working with people to help them express individualized sentiments. She utilizes her unique skills in pairing theperfect image with words that convey the sender’s sincere thoughts. Brenda has had a passion for card making overa number of years.

Find more information about Brenda at:

4.) Anne Arvizu

Dr. Anne Arvizu is a business advisor, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, leadership expert, keynote and former fortune 500 global executive. She is the founder and CEO of RxER Communications Corp and Corecentryx, Inc. RxER is a top consulting firm specializing in designing and optimizing medical affairs operations, driving culture transformation and targeting leadership development within the healthcare sector.

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