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Franco DeNicola, a deep dive into the journey of humanity. And a look into the “shift” that is happening, into a whole new world.

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Jayne interviews Franco De Nicola. For the past 3 decades, Franco has shared his unique insights on the complexities of the human experience, to audiences around the world. Franco knew from a very young age his soul’s purpose was to bring clarity and a deeper understanding of the soul’s “operating system.” and true purpose. Franco’s perception of humanity and the world greatly diverges from the conventional way of thinking. That there is more to us than what our current experience has led us to believe. Franco believes that a shift in consciousness is leading us to question our way of life and to awaken to who we truly are, beyond our adopted beliefs and physicality. An empowering listen! 


We just recently completed a workshop called: “Maneuvering with  Neutrality & Alignment During the Next Wave of Unfoldments” which is available for people to access the video and audio recordings.  The video and audio recordings can be accessed through this link:  

We also have the ongoing series the “Advancing Consciousness Series”  which can be accessed on YouTube or Facebook to attend live and or access the recordings.  YouTube Channel:  Facebook group:  A Podcast “Advancing Consciousness Podcast” is just to be released.  

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