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Friends of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Taryn Stejskal

Taryn Stejskal is a corporate executive at a global Fortune 50 company, heading up leadership development, a writer, a Mom, an athlete, an international traveler, and a philanthropist. She is an inspiring voice on Resilience, during these trying, turbulent, and transformative times.

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2.) Maryl Petreccia

Maryl Petreccia is known as the #JoyExpert and is the creator of the Joy Activation ProcessTM – a process born of her own experiences with very disruptive changes and challenging life transitions and grief. She discovered how to deal with heart-wrenching loss and plot a new path to reclaim joy.

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3.) Bridgett Battles

Bridgett Battles is the CEO of Bridgett Battles Enterprises, a full service fashion empowerment firm committed to helping individuals, especially corporate professionals, enhance their personal appearance. The nucleus of the Bridgett Battles brand is Bridgett’s ability to couple her sharp eye for color and style with her passion for empowering individuals, particularly women, to love themselves from the inside out.

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4.) Robert Basso

Rob Basso is founder and president of ASSOCIATED HCM, He is a Hofstra University graduate and leading payroll industry professional, Rob Basso and his team of payroll industry veterans believe that building long-lasting and trustworthy business relationships is essential to success in business and much more.

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