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Gabriel – Kathlen Kowalski, The Cosmic Approach – Jayne with Freedom International.

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Jayne along with Freedom International interview Gabriel – Kathlen Kowlski. So many gems shared on consciousness and where planet earth is in the big picture. Gabriel – Kathlen Kowalski has a Master in Business Administration and studied Economics, communication science, and psychology. She is the author of the book STARBORN, a call to humanity, ambassador and works as the CEO of the Delta institute in Munich by which she offers change management, business development, and coaching. She has initiated and has been managing the Avalon Earth Project and works as an ambassador for the cosmic council and as a telepath. As Journalist, she worked for magazines, radio stations, and TV as well as in the scientific field and she gives lectures at universities in Germany and in foreign countries. For 30 years she has been taught by the cosmic council as a cosmic telepath and teaches her wisdom and knowledge in seminars and by her Avalon-Earth Project. YouTube: Avalon Earth YouTube: Deltainstitut info@avalon

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