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Gloria Battini – Finding freedom INside. After a narcissistic relationship.

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Jayne interviews Gloria Battini. Gloria turned her life around after being in an abusive relationship with a narcissist for almost 15 years. After 18 months of immersions work She felt strong, empowered, and free. She couldn’t help but think “what if all women could experience this. “ Gloria shares her story, how she fell into it after being bullied as a child, the love bombing, the gaslighting, anxiety, and OCD. When she learned to tend and love herself, it all started to turn around. Gloria is now a relationship and self-love coach who helps women heal from “Break up to Breakthrough.” And supports women on her group on Instagram. An inspirational empowering conversation. Heal the mind and heart and anything is possible. Let’s spiral up.

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IG Handle: @gloriabattini

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