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Goals – Quick Conversation to Get you Started

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Unsure on where to start with your goals? Here are some steps to get you started. 

1. What results are you seeking for your goals

2. When writing your Goals down follow the SMART Method: 

  • Specific – Be specific in your goal setting. 
  • Measurable –  Create goals that have measurable goal is one that is based on some sort of metric.
  • Attainable. –  Be realistic when you are creating your goal. Be sure that the it is attainable .
  • Relevant –  Create relevant goals that will help you progress to your success. 
  • Time-bound –  Set a time as a guide not as a drop dead date unless it is an application or date that is set by an outside source.  

3. Create an action plan that includes tasks for you to complete. 

4. Remember to be Realistic when creating Timelines to complete your goals.  

5. Reevaluate once you have completed some of your goals or failed. This will help you to understand and learn. 

6. Document your lessons learned. 

I hope that these tips have been helpful. 

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