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Green Room (2015) Patrick Stewart – Movie Review

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Touring the Pacific Northwest, the D.C.-based punk quartet known as the Ain't Rights haven't quite taken this part of the country by storm, ending up taking a bit of a detour from their tour to secure some much-needed gas money for the cross-country trip home by playing in a backwoods Oregon roadhouse for skinhead neo-Nazis. After the gig, they stumble into a room backstage and discover a young woman murdered on the floor, and the skinheads culpable aren't going to just let them walk out after they've alerted the police. As Darcy the dive club's owner, wants to keep all traces of their activities, illicit and otherwise, from being discovered by the cops, they stage a cover-up story while the Ain't Rights are locked tight in the room. Knowing that things aren't going to end well for them, it's up to the band to try to figure out a way out of the situation before they end up the next victims.

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