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Haroula Battista – To be a homeopath, is to be empowered! Learn about this incredible mind-body medicine. #health #MindBody #Homeopathy

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Haroule found herself embracing the healing powers of homeopathy. Not only did it become a life long obsession, but she has been called to action in keeping this beautiful medicine available to all of us, as Dean of the Ontario College of Homeopahic Medicine. This world would be a better place with more homeopaths. Homeopathy includes a deep understanding of the planet and all elements on this planet, along with a holistic approach to healing. It is true mind body medicine, and takes both into account, seeing true healing as a need to get to the cause in the mind as well as the mirrored symptoms in the body. . Enjoy Haroula’s story and in sites into how we can all be empowered, by knowing even a little bit about this incredible medicine. Warning!! it could be life changing.  

#health #mindbodymedicine #homeopathy #naturopathicmedicine #podcast #lifechanging

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